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Trip Delay Update

There has been a supply chain delay on the delivery of my bicycle. I decided to purchase on March 15th a hybrid e-bike which I am now in possession of... On Tuesday 4/2/23 I will be meeting with a technician I have been working with to equip the bike (Trek Dual Sport + 2) with a dynamo. The front wheel axle will be replaced with the dynamo. This will allow for minimum drag with an efficient delivery of electricity to power my devices. Currently the plan is to outfit the bike with 2 cell phones, a Garmin bike computer, a Mophie battery pack, a laptop computer and additional bike light. The planning of the trip continues. I plan to do two 100 mile trips or one 200 mile trip to verify the bicycle and myself are performing well. I hope to start the bike tour by May 1st. These delays are actually working in my favor with warmer weather as compared to an April 1st start.

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Apr 26, 2023

Having a great upgrade of the bike!

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