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Quick Update Day 51

Focus has been on logistics, ebike maintenance, rest and travel. Will be in Texahoma, OK , a border town with Texas, in fact the other half of the town is Texahoma, TX at the top of the Texas Panhandle. In planning and implementation early stages to navigate New Mexico and Arizona which have many very remote regions passed once before 42 years ago with a different strategy and set of circumstances. Wherever I go a comment I frequently receive is to be careful. I'm being careful with my calculations with contingency back-up plans for when things can and do go wrong. My 94 year old mother is reading these posts and is confident. Much more so then when I started the trip 51 days ago. To think I did this in 35 days 42 years ago! I am being the turtle - the one that picks the right roads! 🐢 😀 May have some downtime waiting for equipment in Dalhart, TX. I do plan to fill in the gaps and catch up on posts. Right now, focus is on safety and consequently the blog has been put on a back burner. I am taking some photos as I go to help remind me of each day. The adventure continues and my morale and physical condition is good. I shaved my 40 day beard off and am clean cut as can be. Wise to be presentable if reaching out for help becomes a factor.

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