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Postponement to May 15th

Despite delay progress is good. Since last post I have been configuring the bike and testing equipment and devices. I will be using a portable electric tire inflator with an old style Zefal manual pump. I also have CO2 cartridges and a patch kit for the inner tube. Doubt I will need this as I don't expect to get flat tires. Walter at the Bicycle Cellar where I purchased the Trek installed liners on the tires that the police bikes are equipped with to prevent flats. This does add weight but being a hybrid ebike I am not as concerned about weight since I have assistance from the ebike motor. In addition to the front axel dynamo providing power to my Mophie Power Station battery which powers the Garmin Edge 1040 bike computer and 2 Cell Phones (there is also a Redcomet rechargeable headlight daisy chained between the dynamo power source and the Mophie Power Station 100 watt battery - the Redcomet feeds the Mophie and the Mophie feeds the Garmin Edge1040 and 2 cell phones) I decided to order a 100 watt solar panel and 300 watt Power Station. These 2 additions should ensure I keep the Varia 715 Radar and Bike Cam powered at all times. The idea might work even though there is a down side to weight and bulk of the 2nd power station and solar panel. If the configuration does not work I can shed devices as the trip progresses. A key consideration to the choice of the Trek Dual Sport + 2 is that it ultimately rides like a bicycle. If all the technology falls short at the end of the day the backup plan is pedal power. It worked in 1981. It can work again. Though I do expect it to take more time and money. I've decided to stick with 2 range extender batteries. The 300 watt power station may have some potential to charge 1 of the 2 range extenders while riding or at rest during the day. Perhaps a longshot, but will test the idea. I have taken a photo of the bike in the house where I have been working on it. Creating a handlebar bracket out of a batch of about 8 handlebar extenders ordered on Amazon has been like working on a puzzle. I found a sturdy configuration that allows me to get the Redcomet headlight well above the handlebar saddle bag - something which I was advised would be a problem - and it was, yet glad to report the bracket configuration works for me. Additionally I have front fork bags tie strapped on. Not the capacity gained from a traditional front wheel bike rack with saddle bags but a far cry from nothing at all... Soon I've got to get out and ride the bike loaded and shake out any flaws in the approaches taken. My hunch is I'm in the zone of a worthy touring ebike. I like the security blanket feeling I get in having the Garmin bike cam and radar with the strobe like red tail light. No substitute for always knowing what's behind me. Mirrors and heightened senses still rule, plus picking optimal times to travel when possible. Like with skiing, knowing when to stop and call it a day is another bit of past advice likely best to follow. In looking at the photo, note the seat is a Brooks leather seat with a sheepskin/wool cushion with a seat cover to be used in the event of rain. The sheepskin is an option in the event of saddle sores. I also have various bike shorts to trial. I also have sheepskin chamois which can be a cushion next to bare skin or in some fashion be padding to reduce friction. Hope I don't need to use it. Also have Chamois Butter anti-chafe cream.

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