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Monday, May 8th

Stay at Motel 6 was uneventful. After checking to see all bike batteries and devices were being charged I fell asleep and slept sound. In the early a.m. I walked across the parking lot and had breakfast at Denny's. Knowing it was a short trip to Milford for my next overnight stay, I took my time. Contended with traffic southbound on route 10 I kept my awareness of what was behind me with my helmet mirror and the handlebar rear view mirror. The Garmin radar feature continued to work very well. It tracks cars, motorcycles, trucks and even other bicycles advancing behind me. I like how the radar tracks multiple vehicles and shows the rate of approach and gages their position up to the time they pass me or veer away.

I found my way with Google maps to the Farmington Heritage Canal Bike Trail and took in a scenic ride with no concern for any passing cars. One cycler quipped jovially as he traveled away from New Haven and I was traveling towards, that I was going the wrong way! I had a good experience cutting across New Haven north to south with the many bike lanes. Some of the roads were rough and I had to go slow at times. I stopped for a vanilla cone at a Dairy Queen once past the heaviest traffic. I enjoyed my time in the sun with my medium cone and savored each moment. Rode on to the shore line of New Haven and Milford and enjoyed the view of Long Island sound. The beach area in the south shore of New Haven had a fair number of beach goers in the sun but no activity in the water. Still way too cold. As I travel I see the constant contrast of wealth verses people who are struggling and poor. Food scarcity, no housing, poor health coupled with a persistence to live.

Once at my motel I setup the battery charging and headed out to WalMart via Lyft to get a pair of light weight walking shoes. On the Farmington Trail there was a detour around a closed bridge that put me on a rough dirt trail that I could not ride on. I need a pair of walking shoes. Worth the extra weight for any future walks.

Ate dinner at the CT Post Mall and will take a Lyft back to my room and complet this test trip tomorrow. Plan to use the next 9 or 10 days to tweak whatever needs tweaking and then pull the trigger and start the tour to San Diego. I photograph with 2 smart phones. I'll upload the photos on the S20 now and whatever else on the S23 later. If anything, I helps me to revisit photos as they many times offer reminders to me, things that may or may not get posted.

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