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Monday May 15 through Friday May 19.

Today, Friday May 19th about 5 p.m. I started my eBike ride to SanDiego. Since Monday I have been active making final adjustments to the bike. Wednesday 5/17 I drove to The Bicycle Cellar and picked up the 3rd external range extender battery. This now provides a total of 1000 watts. 250 internally on the Trek and 750 with the 3 range extended batteries. I forgot to order the power plug for the battery I purchased on Wednesday 5/17. I found the dealer Trek of Forest Hills and drove 2.5 hours to get the plug. It was that or go to the dealer in New Hampshire. I thought I could start the trip on Thursday 5/18 but I needed more time to get familiar with the Tent and sleeping bag. I purchased an inflatable sleeping bag cushion. I slept in the tent and found it easy to setup, "rain proof" and well ventilated - no condensation and plenty of room to move around. The tent and the sleeping bag folded up well. I was able to fit the tent and thr sleeping bag in their respective holding bags. I put the Trek on a bike rack and parked it in my mother's garage. Worked on the bike - placement of the 3rd range extender battery is at the front of the rear rack behind the seat. I strapped the power adapter to the power station to the stem of the bike seat. The rear rack holds a lot... the sleeping bag, the power station, the tent, the back pack the solar panels and the 2 panniers (saddle bags). I use velcro and bungee cords to hold the items on the top portion of the rack in place. The panniers clip on the side of the rack and can be locked in place. Planning the final configuration of packing took a lot of time. End of the day Thursday I went to my Brother-In-Law's - he grilled me a steak dinner. I decided to get a good night's rest and start the trip today, Friday 5/19. Lots of things came up and I worked on the bike a good 4 hours+ till I finally headed out close to 5 p.m. My sister took some video as I rode away. Hugs and lots of love was exchange with my mom, She knows I did the trip in '81 and I am well prepared. I rode to Todd's Point and place a bit of the rear wheel of the bike in the Long Island Sound salt water. When I get to LaJolla Cove in San Diego I shall dip the front wheel into the Pacific. I did not finish my Todd's Point visit till after 6 p.m. With such a late start I had to find a motel in the direction of Bear Mountain Bridge (to cross the Hudson River) that was not way too expensive. I found a motel 6 in Elmsford, NY and made it there well after sunset. The Redcomet headlight worked great. Garmin computer and radar are working great. Makes a real difference when traffic gets heavy and roads get rough and narrow. After unpacking and setting up battery chargers I got into casual clothes and made my way with a short walk to the Eldorado Diner. Had an Eldorado burger and now here I sit blogging at the counter. Time to get a good night's sleep and plan the Saturday travels in the morning. Goal now is to go easy and gradually pick up the pace. This bike is a different ride than my old SR 12 speed and my new Surly. Might be a while till I do any overnights with the tent and sleeping bag. To be determined. Am feeling good and ready for tomorrow!

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May 20, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I really liked the photo of the bike's back wheel in the Long Island Sound! Wished you had included a selfie with bike! Stay safe. Maryclaire


May 20, 2023

Have a safe trip Anthony! Keep updating. This is great! Jim C

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