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Monday, Day 74, July 31st - 4 a.m.

After an 8 day stay in Dalhart, TX a second portable power supply was added. I arrived at Gallup, New Mexico about 10 p.m. last night and am currently satisfied with the performance of the bike and the overall configuration. I chose to travel bike trails, remote county, country and farm roads to help avoid some aggressive drivers. Traveling through Kansas midway since the town of Marion has often been rugged. Dirt, gravel, sand, mud, immense open fields, flooded terrain and debris were hard on the Trek ebike. By the time I arrived to Alburquerque the rear wheel was wobbling. The rim had stress fractures throughout. One of the bike techs put it aptly when it was mentioned I really crushed the limits of the bike! Repairs were expensive but reasonable. As backup the shop is rebuilding the rear wheel and will have it available should I encounter more rear wheel issues. At times I have traveled with very large amounts of water. Weight coupled with rough roads is can be an issue, yet so far travel remains manageable.

I have not posted for a while now. Logistics of extending the bike's range in the remote areas since Marion, KS has been my #1 concern. I learned a lot about tire sealant and valves in Alburquerque. I remember them as Texas tacks, here in New Mexico the spurs which are notorious for causing flats are called Goat 🐐 Heads! They have long hard, needle sharp spikes, and can penetrate through a tire and inner tube easily. I have tube liners coupled with sealant which I am told is one of the best combinations. So far on the trip I have had 4 flats - 2 times in the front and the same in the back. Steel, needle sharp strands, from the belting of thrown truck tires does a Goat 🐐 Head-s job of springing a leak!

I have photos and someday plan to post. Today, I travel to Arizona. I plan to be in Flagstaff in about 5 days. My stay in Blue Water, NM (Blue Water Lake in Prewitt, NM) Saturday night and all day Sunday (yesterday) was amazing. I met wonderful people and experienced the serenity of an old homestead that does business incognito, as an RV park, and at one time, a horse motel. Thinking about it as I write, I am tempted to ride back the 50 miles traveled yesterday evening and night, and ask if I can stay. There are still wonderful opportunities in America. This past Saturday I discovered one of the promissed dreams that motivates so many of us to pursue. I feel I have new friends in "Blue Water" and plan to stay in touch.

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Aug 04, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The EAGLES would be proud of you — after 2,296-miles on a bicycle from Greenwich, Ct, to Winslow, AZ — to be standing on a corner in Winslow, AZ. That’s a No. 1 hit. Karl, Dalhart, TX


Aug 03, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Hi, We met in Gallup at the gas station. Really enjoyed talking biking with you. Amazing bike setup you have. Stay safe and keep pedaling. Amazing journey!!! Dennis


Aug 01, 2023

Thank you for your informative post and trip update. May God bless you and keep you moving west. Karl, Dalhart, Texas


Ute-Denise Andersen
Jul 31, 2023

All the best for the next part of your trip. Stay safe!!

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