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Memorial Day - Day11 Monday Morning, May 29th

Updated: May 30, 2023

Arrived about 10:15 pm last night at the Super 8 by Wyndham State College, PA motel located at 1663 South Atherton, State College, PA. I rode 72 miles starting from the Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Shamoking Dam - Selinsgrove, PA. yesterday which is my best day yet on the Trek Dual Sport 2 + ebike. I am getting better an regulating when I use power assistance. When I don't use more power than I need the range numbers improve. Not being frugal with the battery power can waist power considerably. In total I have 1000 watts of power from the bike - Hyena is the manufacturer of the electronics (batteries, motor drivetrain, controllers, etc.). In addition, I can squeeze more power out of the Grecell T300. 330 watt Portable Power Station. The Schmidt Dynamo Hub front wheel axle (generator) has been working well on the trip, reliably suppling power to the 100 watt Mophie Power Bank located in a side pocket on the handlebar bag. Power can neither be created nor destroyed depending on what chemist or scientist you speak to... I realize much of the power I gain from the dynamo ties into a loss from the Trek power supply. The advantage of the dynamo is I can produce my own power and charge the Mophie Power Bank if stranded. Should I not be able to peddle for some reason, the second backup power source would be to use the solar panels to charge the Grecell T300. The solar setup was tested prior to commencement of the San Diego trip on Friday, May 19th. On a sunny day the solar charging rate is effective and meets utility requirements.

So Day 10 I stayed at the Econo Lodge Inn & Suites Shamoking Dam - Selinsgrove, PA. Days 8 and 9 I stayed in Frackville, PA., Saturday, Day 9 being a rest and organization day. The weight I was able to shed from the bike on Day 9 made a noticeable difference. As I ride I contemplate on what other things I can get rid of...

So yesterday being Day 10 my start was visited by the chain to the bike derailing. I brought disposable latex gloves which were perfect to handle the chain with and remount on the front spokes at the pedals. The Trek only has 9 gears with only one gear wheel in the front at the pedals. The gearing of the bike is good. I can ride steep 8 degree grades in 1st gear and speed along in 9th gear when safe to do so. When gliding down steep hills I have to monitor my speed and often break to keep under 25 mph. My Alexa app just reminded me it's time to go. I need to plan the day and get going. I'm about halfway across Pennsylvania judging from Google maps. I'm looking forward to Ohio. I recall there to be not too much in the way of elevation climbs, terrain to be more so flat...

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