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Days 18 thr 23 Monday June 5th thr Saturday June 10th

It is Saturday morning, day 23, June 10th, at the time of this post. Am getting ready for today's ride to Richmond, Indiana. At the border with Ohio is the town New Paris. I am traveling from The Days Inn, Dayton, OH in the Huber Heights area. I will post photos for these days later. This is a quick entry as I need to pack-up and check out shortly.

Tuesday morning 6/6 I had to repair the handlebar cockpit bracket that holds my bike headlight, "cabin light", Garmin Bike Computer and Galaxy S20 cell phone. This homemade bracket allows for easy navigation and excellent lighting at night. I went to an Ace hardware store and purchased cable straps that allowed me to anchor the bracket and keep it from shifting back and forth. Some of the bracket posts cracked but with the cable straps and one velcro strap the cockpit "scaffolding" is secure. Now when I go over hard bumps the cockpit stays in place. After cleaning the bike I went to the Post Office and shipped a few things home to help lighten the bike load. I rode late into the night and arrived at the Microtel Inn in Sunbury, OH about midnight. No elevator, so I had to unpack the bike and transport everything to my room. Slept well.

The next day, Wednesday, 6/7, I made my way to Yellow Springs, OH. Arrived at the Springs Motel about 2:00 a.m. I rode a total of 83 miles split up between 2 legs of the trip. First leg was 40 miles to London, OH where I was able to charge all my batteries. There was a restaurant that had outlets. The 2nd leg was 43 miles mostly on bike trails. About a mile before arriving at the motel I had to change batteries. It was cold and dark and I was tired but I managed. The motel had a policy of no bikes in the room so I had to run an extension cord to the bike outside the door to charge it. All the other batteries I charged in the room.

Thurday moring I had breakfast in Yellow Springs and enjoyed the tourist atmosphere of the town. I rode a easy 21 miles to the Days Inn in Dayton, OH in the Huber Heghts area. After being overtired the night before I decided to rest and review. In Dayton I found a Trek bike shop and purchased new pedals and bike shoes. The bike shoes and pedals I had were good, however the new pedals and shoes should help cut down on some fatigue. The pedals are matched to the shoes and the shoes are a superior design to help with comfort and improved transfer of power to the pedals. Also purchased some merino wool bike socks as well as some other high tech racing socks to trial.

Stayed a second night at my motel to run errands. I purchased some tools and batteries for my rear saddle bag LED tail lights and spent a lot of time going through everything packed on the bike. My next stop will be the Post Office to get ride of a bunch more stuff.

Need to pack-up and go and will write later. Am excited about the new pedals and shoes. Should make a real difference. The Trek shop in Dayton was great. I will post their information later.

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Jun 10, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Keep it up. Anthony

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