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Day 26, Tuesday, June 13th

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

I stayed at Studio 6 last night. After checking in I went outside to bring the Trek in through a side door. To my surprise a woman who was accompanying the front desk clerk hurried over to me while working my way through the door. She was there to help me pass with the bike by holding the door open. So kind and thoughtful. I thanked her and expressed my appreciation and proceeded to my room to charge the bike and other devices. I was ready for sleep and dosed off, too tired to activate the new Galaxy S23 and migrate, hopefully everything, from the S20.

In the morning, I found it easier to packup the bike. The new zip lock quart and gallon size bags allow for tight packing. The slipery plastic allows for easy compact packing of all 4 saddle bags.

Rain was in the forecast which has to be factored in for planned distance to travel for the day. So far on the trip, my routine has been to have Google maps (in bike mode) show me the route to San Diego from my current location. Then I zoom in to see what towns and or cities are along the way. I consider a range of 40 to 80 miles. Google does give me an idea of terrain and estimated time of arrival. I then pick towns or cities close to my path of travel and search for low cost motels. Today I found a Rodeway Inn in Brazil, Indiana. Not knowing how all the variables will pan out today, I rode about 42 miles to Greencastle, IN from the 6 Studio motel. I found a Burger King and setup camp in an inconspicuous part of the store, and plugged the Hyena range extender battery used to get here, into an outlet. Thus far today, it rained for about half the time - I was ready for a break. And just in time too! The rain was torrential after I got inside to my "Burger King Camp". BTW, I am pleased with the rain jacket and pants purchased back in PA near Frackville.

So now camped in Greencastle, resting, eating hot food, hydrating, and giving my feet recovery time with shoes off (no one seems to mind or even notice) - I start to recalculate where to stay for the night. The Brazil Rodeway Inn is about another 30 miles. If flat terrain, I can reach Brazil without difficulty. Google maps however indicated there are some steep climbs...

The rain has let up, so it looks like a safe bet to reach the Rodeway - as long as variables like traffic, hills, rain and cold wind do not decide to pay a visit. If so, factoring how much battery power I need to complete the 30 mile trip at night becomes eessential.

The time is 6:10 p.m. now. Looks like I need another hour and a half to finish the charge on the range extender battery. There can be an upside to riding at night. Often traffic lightens up and I see the headlights of the cars which helps. I have radar and I have 5 lights shining to the rear. This helps allow for good visibility. Drivers passing me are more likely to see me. In addition, facing forward, there are 2 lights shining. One is a white lite on my helmet and the other are the handlebar headlights. This 2 headlight assembly is extremely bright. With the 330 watt Grecell powerstation mounted on the rear bike rack, all the power needed is available throught the night and into the next day. The Grecell can also act as a 5th bike battery, in that it can be used to charge any one of the 4 bike batteries to deliver a 75% charge to 1 battery.

The bike does not propel as well as a regular 10 speed bicycle without minimum power to the motor supplied. The Trek Dual Sport 2+ is a hybrid. It is very good as a hybrid. The Trek requires full participation of the cyclist to peddle as if they where on a regular bike without a motor, along with simultaneous minimum battery power applied to the motor. If battery power runs completley out the Trek is a bear to peddle - this is largly do to the bike being loaded down for the touring configuration in use. Therfore, I need to accurately plan each day so as not to run out of battery power. If I do, I could find it to be a harsh experience to make it to the next town. This in mind, I also have solar panels and can put a 75% charge on one of the bike batteries if need be. Charging with solar would require a full day with very good sun exposure. A considerable delay, but I would avoid having to ask for help or call an Uber. 😀

So now with all that has been said, I am going to try to book a room at the Brazil Rodeway Inn. Will be right back...

I succeeded with the booking and my range extender battery is almost fully charged. It is 8:07 p.m. now. I will have daylight and dusk till about 9:00 p.m. The rest will be night riding. I am fed, well rested and ready and shall head out in 10 to 15 minutes. Good news. The rain has stopped.

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Jun 20, 2023

Enjoying the posts, sounds like you're doing great, rain or shine, uncovering any obstacles along the way - keep going! Diane Reiter

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