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Cinco de Mayo

Today I started a maiden voyage with the Trek. I loaded it down with everything being considered for the cross country tour to test myself and the overall rig. Traveled from Norwalk to New Haven and got a good feel for the bike. Memories came back to me with triggers like viewing what's behind me with the helmet mirror. Walter at the Bicycle Cellar made a good choice of mirrors. The one I previously purchased on Amazon did not have the right fit for my Mongoose helmet. The helmet fits great and is comfortable. It even has a shoe mount on top for my GoPro clone camera. Something to trial later. In all covered about 40 miles using Google Maps with the bike route feature. Works great! I was 24 when I did the trip from San Diego to Greenwich. It is as if my body has a memory of my capabilities from 42 years ago. It is saying to me: "Things are different now, go easy, pace yourself, be safe, chip away and you will get there. I found myself walking across 2 busy intersections - it felt too risky to play with anxious 5 o'clock rush hour commuters pushing to get home on a Friday evening. One intersection I rode with the timing of the pedestrian cross walk as well. Tomorrow I cut northbound towards Simsbury from New Haven. I plan to do another 40 mile day. Will look for a motel while on the road for tomorrow night. worked well locating the lovely 2 star motel where I am now. Sleeping on top of the bed cover and hung all my clothes on the bike to air out. Will take a shower tonight and tomorrow morning and plan on a good breakfast. Had an early dinner at McDonalds off exit 25 on I95 in Bridgeport. They delivered to the curbside which allowed me to stay with the bike. Will take a snapshot of the bike here at the motel. I have all bike batteries charging along with all other devices. Wires are everywhere but not as noticeable with the clothes draped all over the bike. The Bicycle Cellar in Simsbury is closed on Sunday but I will let them know I did a test trip with their shop as an apropos destination in MHO. 😀. I appreciate all of the support everyone at the shop has given. It's a good feeling to be this far along in the process for the trip from Connecticut to San Diego. I'm leaning to start the trip from Greenwich. Plan to dip the front tire in the water at the beach and when I get to San Diego do the same. My good friend Derek and his father have invited me to stay with them upon arrival. It is nice to have good friends to welcome me once I arrive. Will photo the bike, post today's entry, take a shower and get some sleep. I took some Advil and hope not to be too sore or stiff tomorrow.

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