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Hello, my name is Anthony.  Welcome to my blog.  When I was 24 I cycled from San Diego, to my home town in Connecticut.  Along the way I met a group of cyclists who were 65 or older biking across Kansas.  What I remember about Kansas was there were lots of crosswinds.  That's when I had the notion that if I made it to 65, I would cycle across the US again.

So here I am, 42 years later since July 15th, 1981.  Making preparations for a tour to hopefully start on April 1st.  Same day I enlisted in the Air Force in 1983.  My recruiter loved it.  He was quietly laughing as I signed the paperwork!

This is the home page of my blog.  Immediately below you will see the 1981 Greenwich Time newspaper story of the original bike trip.  I expect to share as things come to me.  At 66 it's a prerogative that appeals to me.  This blog was started February 22, 2023 and the start date of the trip has been postponed till May 19th, 2023.  There were some supply, technical and personal delays.

The posts are chronological and I hope the site is user friendly to navigate.  Click on any post you see and then select the "All Posts" link and you will see all the posts listed.  Or if you see at the top left corner of the page the choices "Home" and "Blog", select "Blog" to see a list of chronologically listed blog posts.  Select "Home" if you want to go to the home page of  You will see the blog posts immediately following the 1981 Greenwich Time newspaper story.

I hope some of what I share resonates with you should you visit and take a look.  Thank you for visiting!  I hope you can ride along with me as I post.

All the best!


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